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About Here & Now Yoga Classes

The Yoga class will consist of relaxation, pranayama (breathing techniques), asanas (postures), concentration and meditation.

Yoga is an holistic practice, bringing balance to the body, mind and spirit.

The asana practice assists the physical body to increase or maintain strength, mobility and stamina.
Pranayama helps to create a balance in the physical body and in the mind.
Relaxation promotes our ability to rest the body and the mind from the demands of daily activity and distractions.
Practicing concentration & meditation can enable the mind to fully settle, to become still and in the present moment.

Yoga can help us all to live a healthy, balanced & contented life.

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Yoga Class Advice

At your first class you will be given a health questionnaire.  It is your responsibility to complete and return the questionnaire to me, this helps me to provide you with a safe yoga practice.

If you feel unwell at any time during the class please make me aware immediately.

Please make me aware of any physical, emotional or spiritual issues that may affect your practice.  It is your responsibility to make me aware of any changes to your health before beginning the class.

Avoid eating a heavy meal approx. 2 hrs before class.  An empty stomach & bladder is ideal for practice.

Wear sensible, comfortable and appropriate clothing e.g. jogging pants & t-shirt.

Yoga is practiced mainly barefooted for safety.

Please bring a non-slip mat and a blanket for support and relaxation.

Listen to your body and recognise your limitations, they are always changing.

Yoga is a non competitive activity.

If you have a health condition or concern which you think may affect your ability to practice yoga, please discuss with me. Yoga practices can most often be modified to accommodate your individual needs.