yoga classes kings lynn
Hatha Yoga Classes in King’s Lynn

The word ‘yoga’ means ‘joining’.  The fundamantal purpose of yoga is to unite the body, mind and spirit.

Hatha means balance and translates ‘ha’ – ‘the sun’ & ‘tha’ – ‘the moon’.

In Hatha yoga the main practice is asana in a general class.  The asana practices prepare the physical body through balancing the energy (prana) for deeper practices such as pranayama, concentration and meditation.  Hatha yoga is generally interpreted as the yoga of action.

Hatha yoga is a form of Raja yoga.  Raja yoga is known as The Royal Path, which is a path of 8 steps which leads to the union of the body, mind and spirit when practiced consistently with discipline and perseverance.

It is suggested that through the different steps of yoga, living our lives with yogic attitudes and acts, posture, breath awareness, withdrawal of the senses, concentration and meditation we can work towards bringing a balance and harmony to our lives.

To help us to create, encourage and develop a sense of balance and harmony in our lives we will practice asana, pranayama, relaxation, concentration and meditation within our own abilities, with a caring and kind manner towards our Self and others.