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Yin Yoga
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About Yin Yoga
Yin yoga is a slow, floor based style of yoga where we hold the poses for longer (between 2-5 minutes).  Holding into the poses helps us to cultivate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance and harmony.

My Yin Yoga training
I completed a 30-hour Yin Yoga intensive course with Norman Blair in 2022.  In addition to this I also completed a 12-hour Yin Yoga and Meridian Course, again with Norman (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education qualifications) to compliment my British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma (500 hours), 15 years of continuing professional development and 22 years of personal practice.

About Here & Now’s Yin Yoga and Relaxation Sessions
Our monthly 90 minute Yin Yoga and Relaxation session begin with the Yin Yoga practice (70 minutes) followed by a guided relaxation practice (20 minutes).  We’ll have a few moments between the yoga and relaxation for a comfort break.

Guided relaxation practices encourage us to rest and restore more deeply. Similarly to our Hatha yoga classes, I will support you by offering various options so that you can practice comfortably and safely within your personal ability.

Advice for practice

  • For your comfort please bring with you: a yoga mat, blankets, cushions, blocks/bricks, bolster, yoga belt and an eye pillow if you have them, and anything else you think you will need to support your practice.
  • Yin yoga offers various options using props, so if you have them please bring them with you. There will be chairs available if you prefer to sit for part of the session.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in freely and bring extra layers/jumper to ensure you will remain warm whilst practicing, as there’s a tendency for our bodies to cool as we relax during the Yin yoga and relaxation practice.
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Physical Benefits of Yin Yoga *

  • Flexibility and movement is improved
  • Muscles fibres lengthen as we hold into the poses
  • Stimulates growth of our connective tissues
  • Strengthens ligaments
  • Promotes hydration, encouraging joints and fascia to move more freely
  • Helps us maintain and improve cartilage and bone-strengthening cells – reducing the risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • Contributes to maintaining and improving natural spinal curvature

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