'When the bee collects honey it does not spoil the beauty or the scent of the flower.  So let the sage settle in himself and wander as he wills' The Dhammapada Verse 49

Wellbeing for mind, body & spirit

Asana means seat, posture, a series of postures leading to the seated position, or position.


Asana practices increase and maintain strength, mobility and stamina in the body.


Asana prepares the body and mind for the deeper elements of yoga - pranayama and meditation.


Asana can help us achieve physical and mental steadiness, calm, quietness and to be at ease within our Self.


‘Prana’ translates as energy and ‘ayama’ means to stretch, extend, expand, length, breadth, regulation, prolongation, restraint and control (Patanjali).


Pranayama practices help create balance between the body and mind through directing the breath.


Relaxation promotes our ability to rest the body and mind from all the demands of our daily activity and distraction. 


'There are two parts to relaxation: mental and physical.  When both are attained there follows a feeling of spiritual well being.  But without mental peace complete physical rest is impossible'  Day, H. (1954)

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