Student Reviews

Students were asked...

"What do you like about Here & Now yoga classes?"

'The knowledge & professionalism of the instructor – the instruction to a movement is followed by explanations of the benefits of not just the mind but the body.'  L. B. February 2022

'Great teaching with options for all to make it very inclusive.'  G. E. February 2022

'I like the fact that you really know your stuff and are very careful to make sure that we take things slowly and carefully, gearing it only to us and not being competitive with ourselves and others. I like the whole “Mind, Body, Soul” aspect of it and that it encourages us to keep a positive outlook on life, even through these very difficult times.'  D. S. February 2022

'The teacher!  She’s welcoming and caring of all her students.  Classes are aimed at all levels of ability, and those of us who cannot manage some of the more difficult asanas are still made to feel included.  Unlike a lot of yoga classes, Toni takes the time to explain why we practice certain asanas.'  A. S. Febraury 2022


'...the classes leave me calmer and relaxed.  They also help my joint mobility and are a pleasant social occasion.'  M. N. September 2019


'I deeply appreciate all you do in class.  Your clear explanations, alternatives to aspects of movment.  I find you to be a sensitive teacher & very aware of all the participants & their specific needs.'  S. G.  September 2017

'I feel more supple, sleep better & it improves my mental health.'  T. M.  September 2017

'Has helped ease my back pain, taught me how NOT to overstretch, made a few new friends.'  S. C.  October 2017


'I really enjoy my yoga classes...I never thought I would be able to meditate, but who knew!!'  L. M. September 2017

'I thoroughly enjoy my yoga classes.  I do need a mind & body exercise routine & this works so well.  You are a kind & patient lady, so that makes the class enjoyable.'  L. R. December 2016

"How do you feel you benefit from Here & Now Yoga classes?"

'My job can be quite stressful and I always look forward to the sessions. They help me to switch off from things for a while and just focus on me.' S. H. February 2022

'I love coming to yoga classes and always feel better for doing it.  You are a great teacher.' E. A. February 2022

'A calm approach and total body awareness.' D. B. February 2022



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