Here & Now Yoga Pricing Policy


From 14th February 2022 (reviewed 4/4/22)

Please read carefully, it is important to me that you have fully understood this policy.

In-person class fees:
£8 per class (1hr 15 mins), payable per term.

Fees are due, where possible, one week before the first class of term.

All class fees are non-refundable.  If, however, your class is cancelled by myself due to unforeseen or necessary circumstances, all fees will be refunded in full.

Pre-booking is essential for all classes.

New class members: I offer the option for you to pay for your first class to see how you get on before deciding if you wish to continue and pay for the remainder of the term.  You’re also welcome to pay for the whole term if you would prefer.

In-person Classes: Missed classes, including your holiday dates and planned absences within the term, can be transferred to a different in-person class within the same term.  To ensure a class availability, students are responsible for checking availability with me.

No credits can be forwarded beyond the same term period for missed classes.

Holidays and planned absences:
Your class booking is payable per term, you are required to pay for your holiday dates/planned absences and missed classes to maximise class attendance and ensure costing viability.


In the event that you miss the first class of term there will still be a charge for the full term.  This is to manage class availability and factored overhead costs.  Dependant on availability you may transfer the missed class within the same term.

Please feel free to discuss with me any issues/queries relating to the pricing policy.  I will strive to accommodate individual circumstances or requirements.

Please note fees may be subject to change.  This policy will be regularly reviewed (next policy review - September 2022).

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